The Smoky Valley Cheese Tasting

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I haven’t written about last Saturday’s event, which was an epic cheese event, but others have here, here, and here. Sarah and/or Chris edited this ode-to-the-evening-video to include in Chris’ post, and I couldn’t help but share it. Some good news about Smoky Valley Goat Cheese – they sold out in a few hours at the market this morning, CSA members are signing up, and a few big-name specialty retailers have contacted them wanting to carry their product [details as things materialize]. It’s starting to feel  like ‘Operation Save Our Artisan Goat Cheese‘ may have won the critical first battle.

4 Comments on “The Smoky Valley Cheese Tasting”

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  2. A Canadian Foodie

    How much is the CSA? I am such an avid purchaser that I didn’t ask this. I usually don’t do CSA’s because there are just two of us…. but I need to ask the question and consider it so that I can contribute as much as possible to operation goat cheese!

  3. A Canadian Foodie

    PS: the next time you go our to the farm – will you call me? I would LOVE to visit it and write about it, too. And see the cheese in the making. Always a dream for me.

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