Update on Building a Wine Cellar

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Finally. I finally have my wine cellar insulated. Finally have the insulated door built. Finally. The top left number is temp in C, top right relative humidity – both of the cellar. The bottom numbers are on the main floor. Clearly a warm day. I watched the cellar numbers each hour, graphing them to see how the cellar reacted to a 30C day. A boring exercise that has me very excited. 7am: 15.7C. 7pm: 15.8C. Considering I went in there a couple times today, that’s basically a negligible daily cycle.

Optimal cellar temp and RH is debatable. Until led to believe otherwise, I’m in the camp that believes a mean of 13C with an annual temp fluctuation of 4 degrees is suitable for cellaring wine properly for a few decades. So it being the hot end of the year, and being under the 3 degree mark, I’m pretty stoked. 79% humidity is also in an ideal range of 70-85%ish. And lastly, my boring exercise today proved that I have stability, or negligible daily temp cycles. Stable, optimally cool & humid, with enough temp oscillation annually to adequatly store and age wine safely for 20+ years. All DIY, completely passive [no air conditioning – cooled from the earth]…I’m pretty pleased about the whole project. Perhaps it’s time to celebrate the achievement with a glass of wine…

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