Whitetail Hunt #2


Deer Hunt 2

So apparently fate would have it that last year’s season of harvesting zero big game was to be juxtaposed with 2013’s crazy successful season. First morning out deer hunting, I filled my general whitetail tag. Bought supplemental doe tags because I didn’t think I’d actually shoot my elk. Being as it may that hunting is the new golf for business meetings, and butcher and friend Jeff Senger and I were overdue meeting re: a business we’re about to roll out – the obvious choice of venue


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  1. Jeff Senger says:

    So true about sharing – hunting is one of the few activities left that embraces collectivism and celebrating team success. I hadn’t thought about it on that level before, but growing up hunting meant growing up with practice being part of a functional team. Unlike team sports, we hunters don’t share a thirty dollar tin cup; we share in the jerky, sausage, steaks, and exaggerated stories..

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