Wild High-bush Cranberries

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My wife and I walk in a nearby ravine throughout the seasons. In August we noticed a serious yield of high-bush cranberries coming. Every few days, I’d check the ripeness. Waiting. And today, quite a few of the trees are in really perfect shape. We picked almost 6 lbs in about a half hour, and there’s easily 10 times that readily available for those willing to go and pick.

A couple things I learned this year, observing their development. They start quite large, oblong, and yellow. They then turn red, but are far from ripe. They then shrink, get rounder in shape, and when ripe the berries are dark red and have a jewel-esque transparency. I also learned that if you pick them like bunches of grapes, you can pick an awful lot, awfully fast.

This year will by far be the most of these I will ever have picked – and my sauces for the coming game season will see this ingredient repeatedly. The way I see it, the pairing of these berries with local game is ideal, as they come from the same habitat. It’s common to be hunting moose, grouse, deer, elk – and smell the last of the fragrant over-ripe stinky cranberries. It also makes a wonderful sauce for ice cream. The issue now is just how many pounds of them I need/am willing to pick and clean…

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  1. Sandy

    I live in the Levant -Hermon area and I am looking for High-Bush Cranberries to make some homemade cranberry sauce like my Mother and my Grandmother before Me did ,however I am unable to first of all find any one who knows what they are much less know where they can be found .Please help me .Thank you Sandy

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