Yes, $63.47/kg

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Fact #1: elk is a solid red meat
Fact #2: calf moose trumps elk
Fact #3: both would be better with considerable fat marbling

Which makes me wonder, why don’t people farm raise fatty elk and moose. Hm. Anyway, all you can really make out on the label is $7.74. That’s not so scary. What’s scary is the price per kilo. $63.47/kg. Okay, okay. That’s tenderloin. Burger? Wait for it…$14/kg. Too bad it’s illegal to sell game, or I’d have a nice little black market biz on the side. Quick math: 200 lbs of meat on a cow elk say, 100lbs of burger, 100 lbs cuts = $700 retail just for the burger, and you get to keep the rest. Sweet.

A little more math. Calf moose, as it is essentially veal, would logically [and deservedly] demand a premium over elk. And yes, this is an imaginary world we’re doing this math for, as there is no such market. Assuming a modest premium, I’m guessing the calf I harvested last year would retail out at about $1,500. That makes me, a born-again-cheap-ass, very, very pleased.

And if you think I’m out to lunch – they’ve been carrying these elk cuts, at $14/kg for burger, for at least a couple years. Someone’s buyin’ the stuff. And no, it’s not me – I took the photo sheepishly standing outside the freezer at the store.

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