You should thank Gordon Ramsay

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I hunted, killed, butchered, cleaned, cured, and confit’d 11 wild ducks. Not 1. Eleven. I pitted and dried a bunch of evans cherries that a friend picked for me. I roasted a sweet potato, days ahead. I ground pork fat and the above mixture. I moistened the mixture with some white wine I made. I stuffed it in hog casing. I made many pounds of sausage from the above ingredients. And I hated it.
It was good in theory. The duck confit and sweet potato is a successful combo, but somewhere along the line, this made the nastiest textured and not so nice flavoured sausage. So I threw it out. I quoted world-famous scottish born chef Gordon Ramsay as I walked to the dumpster. One of his philosophies, if you can call it that, is “don’t let your mistakes leave the kitchen”. Now if I was starving, I’d eat it. But I wouldn’t proudly serve it to guests. And I certainly am not interested in eating many pounds of the brutal stuff on my own. So hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight having thrown away all that work. Amongst the lessons learned: until I have more experience, follow a damn recipe from my charcuterie bible before venturing out boldly on my own. And any of you who eat from my kitchen can thank Gordon Ramsay for not having to partake in my mistakes.

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