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I helped my dad plant his garden today. I really enjoy planting, as it means you get to eat loads of awesome food in a few weeks. It was also the first harvest of asparagus – a noteable event every year, and a reminder of how much better fresh garden produce is than the product you buy in stores. I also cut some young rhubarb and cooked into a tasty jammy-like-thing. Very nice. Also marinated a loin of venison [whitetail], shaved thin, in ginger, garlic, soy, mint, chive, and sesame oil. Not tiring of that flavour profile on grilled satays yet. It’s a wonderful time of year for food, no question.
I’m tired. And choked that the mosquitos are already bad this year. Although if I had to choose between the lakes drying up further, and mosquitos, I’d reluctantly choose the mosquitos. I think it’s time for bed…

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