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This is the best photo I could snap last night before getting in there and eating some plum cake. It really should look more like this. I read The Wednesday Chef’s post and couldn’t resist trying it immediately.

I’m a pretty serious advocate of eating seasonal foods, and I’m finding the food blogosphere is a great way to keep you full of ideas as seasons change. Right now, recipes for tomatoes abound. And what a great time to get inspired on how to use them. I’m kinda curious to see what everyone does in the deep-freeze of winter. Although in winter, it will be summer for the folks who read this in Australia.

Speaking of which, thanks to those of you who are checking in from far off places. In the past few weeks, my ‘readership’ has gone from mostly local to a predominantly international web of foodies. Thank you all for reading, and feel free to say Hi in the comments whenever it suits you.

I must go. I have some invitations to put together for my approaching 30th birthday party…

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