2nd Annual Game Dinner Eve

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Last year my dad asked me if I’d be willing to cook a multi-course dinner featuring the different game birds and big game that he and his friends hunt. It was a really memorable party. 7 courses, lots of drinking, and lots of being merry. It far exceeded expectations.

So tonight, we’re hosting the follow up to this event. I like to think of it as a ‘thank you’ to the guys who take me out hunting and keep a seemingly endless supply of game in my kitchen throughout the year. Tonight’s menu:

scandinavian salmon
mousse of maple syrup cured b.c. salmon, smoked with alder, on knäckerbröd, served with akvavit

ham and cheese sandwich
cured and smoked shoulder of wild boar with melted camembert on toasted baguette round

hot and cold duo of game sausage
sautéed goose liver and porcini garlic sausage & cherry smoked moose and elk sausage

calf moose ‘pate & pickle baguette sandwich’
terrine of calf moose with brandied ‘beaumont’ evans cherries and its pickle, on homemade baguette

cambozola calf porterhouse ‘au poivre’
sauté calf moose loin in cambozola cream sauce on potato

chocolate mousse
organic eggs from sunworks farms and bernard callebaut chocolate in all their glory

I hope to post some photos tomorrow. We’ll see if I remember amidst the food prep and drinking…

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