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James Beard Nominee Seal


I make films. Food films mostly. Food stories span culinary, agriculture, wild food, ecology, anthropology, culture, tourism, fishing, foraging, hunting - on and on. I get to create long-format original docuseries, ad length shorts, and everything in between.

I tell people I press a red button for a living, but admittedly I'm more involved than that, as I project manage, operate camera, direct, am a sound recordist, score composer, and editor. I have received the impossible honour - especially for a Canadian one-man-show - of being nominated by the James Beard Foundation for an award in 'visual and technical excellence', along side Netflix's 'Chef's Table' and CNN's 'Parts Unknown'. I've also been nominated for Canadian Screen Awards for 'Best Direction' and 'Best Original Music'. 

If you're curious about collaborating on a project, don't be shy to get in touch - my production company website is here.



Introducing people to the fascinating world of wild food has become a large focus of my career. I do that through film, but also through guiding and teaching. 

Many months of my year are spent guiding foraging walks, field cookery workshops, butchery workshops, and sea kayak expeditions. Most of this is available through From The Wild. Some of my guiding is in collaboration with other tour operators, and some instruction a part of other organization's events - so don't be shy to reach out. 



While on location for film I'm often also running photography gear. I've been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for 'Best Photography'.


Do reach out if you need somebody behind a camera that understands food, the outdoors, and people. 


I've done numerous keynotes, guest lectures, panels, workshops, breakout sessions including sessions on story telling in Verona, Italy, and wild food in Galway, Ireland. I've spoken at film conferences, food conferences, bushcraft symposia, culinary schools, university classes, and loads more.



I've written for print, various online publications, and am currently working on my first book about wild food.

Wild Harvest Logo



I'm co-creator of, and shooter for S1&2 of Wild Harvest, featuring 'Survivorman' Les Stroud, and chef Paul Rogalski. Wild Harvest airs all over the world, notably on PBS, and National Geographic Asia. 

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