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I MAKE FILMS. Food films, mostly. That's overly simplified though, as food stories are so diverse - geology, soils, agriculture, weather, ecology, anthropology, culture, tourism, fishing, foraging, hunting, processing, home cooking, michelin star cuisine - on and on. I get to create long-format original docuseries to ad length shorts for social media. And I get to do it all over the world. I'm one of those annoying people that love their day-to-day work, which nobody wants to hear, but I worked more than a decade in finance so am fully aware how lucky I am. I tell people I press a red button for a living, but admittedly I'm more involved than that, as I project manage, operate camera, direct, am a sound recordist, score composer, editor, and anything else that needs doing. In 2019 I received a gigantic, impossible honour - especially for a Canadian one-man-show - of being nominated by the James Beard Foundation for an award in 'visual and technical excellence', along side Netflix's 'Chef's Table' and CNN's 'Parts Unknown'. Season 4 of From The Wild got the nod, and it was the series' second nomination having already been nominated for 'best web series on location'. It's still surreal to have that on my CV forever. It's equally surreal to be part of an incomprehensibly amazing community that exists in the world of food around the globe. 

If you're curious about collaborating on a project, don't be shy to get in touch - my production company website is here. Yes, I'm super busy but I also have loads of talented team standing by to help. If you're just curious about what kind of projects I've been on and/or what my work looks like, have a look below at a sample of projects I've been on around the planet. (hover over photo for description)

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