Almost Friday

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I’m quite excited about tomorrow. First. It’s Friday. Reason enough to be excited. Our weekly morning trip to the ICS bakery is always enjoyable. Add to that: Friday wine night. But not just any wine night this week – it’s my first 4 Wines and a Plate event. I’m really hoping this format works out. One thing I do know already, it’s been nice to get excited about making food for a group this size. It seems recent parties have been large groups, and it’s really hard to get into cooking for lots of people, oddly enough. A group of 4-8 is perfect, in my opinion. Just big enough to make an event of it, but small enough that you can do things right, in a multi-course format.

I also feel liberated by the season. I’m finally able to have a truly seasonal menu. Cooking seasonally appropriate not only ‘feels’ right, but it means you’re using the freshest of ingredients at their seasonal best, which translates into quality. Add to that 4 fine wines – in a blind tasting format – very exciting for this food and wine geek. I can’t wait to disclose what we’re tackling tomorrow night for wines. Soon enough.

And to add to that, and to exacerbate my snobbery, one of the guests has purchased 2 bottles for me in Calgary for my personal collection [for which I am indebtted]. Both bottles are from J.F. Mugnier in Chambolle Musigny. He’s one of the highest regarded producers of Chambolle Musigny – one of the prestigious Cote de Nuits villages in Burgundy. Burgundy offers a variety of expressions of Pinot Noir, and from what I’ve researched, Chambolle seems to sound like a great match for what I tend to like in wine. I also am keen to do some d├ęgustation there next May/June – so this will be a test run to find out what the wines are like prior. Turns out the only store that carries this niche wine is in Calgary, so I couldn’t even buy it in Edmonton if I tried. Sometimes living here sucks. Tomorrow night it won’t though. Tomorrow night, I think the only place I’ll want to be is in my dining room.

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