Apple Wine Vinegar Do-Over

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Okay, I got impatient with cider vinegar attempt #1, and am moving on to attempt #2.  Attempt 1 ended in a white sludgy deposit a the bottom, with no trace of anything positively vinegar related. This time, I’ve got some help. Bragg sells organic cider vinegar containing mother [says so right on the bottle]. Others have had good success with it, so I figured I’d give it a go. I’ve also changed locations from somewhere cool and semi-dark [not optimal], to somewhere warm and dark [optimal]. I should have known that part, as I’ve had success at this before. Oh well.

Adding mother-infused-vinegar to apple wine seems a bit like cheating, but I’ll get over it. Hopefully I get a gloopy mess of mother by the fall, and can start to produce ‘apple wine vinegar’ in fairly serious quantity.

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