Bacon and Venison

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I smoked bacon in -24 and snow today. Far more enjoyable in the fall, but seems to have worked okay nonetheless. Cured pork belly is not near as good as its smoked counterpart. It’s not just the smoke – in this case, hickory. It’s a texture thing too – it firms it up, changes the character of the meat, and more importantly, the fat. Back prior to having ever made bacon myself, I read that once you do, you’ll never buy it again. It’s true. And I didn’t even used to be a big bacon fan overall. Now it bothers me to not have a small slab in the freezer that I can pull out to shave or cut [cuts well frozen] to throw into a nice meat dish or salad. Or with good local organic eggs from Sunworks. Yum.

And a few weeks ago I mentioned to my dad that I would like to try cooking with deer – as despite the abundance of them, I hadn’t seen much of it in my kitchen. Moose, elk, bison, boar yes – but deer no. Well today I got a phone call that we have some butchering to do on Saturday. So venison tenderloin, loin, and top sirloin is slated to hit my table in the coming week or two. How excellent is that?!

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