Bacon Deserves Some Respect

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I know, I write about bacon a lot. And I know, bacon’s so last year, right? Wrong. Putting bacon in all kinds of stupid stuff – that’s so last year. But top-shelf bacon is, and will be so long as man and pork collide, a force of awesomeness to be reckoned with.

For those of you who have been paying attention, this is indeed the bacon cured by my 3-year-old. A week in the fridge, and a couple hours over some wood fire smoke – daddy did that part [see bottom photo]. So simple. So tasty.

For some reason though, this bacon is among the best I’ve ever produced – and I’ve made a lot of bacon. We are literally swooning over it, and it’s not for lack of cured pork in our diet. I’m going to give the credit to Nature’s Green Acres for raising some high-maintenance but ridiculously beautiful pork belly. You can see me butchering this very slab of pig’s belly here.

This beautiful piece of pork has fired me up to asking we quit wearing bacon, crafting with bacon, putting it in desserts, and any other bacon-nonsense – and give it back some of its well deserved respect and dignity. Really.

7 Comments on “Bacon Deserves Some Respect”

  1. Michelle

    Oh my!! Now that does look like some delicious bacon. I do have a quick question though, how is British bacon different from Canadian? I have got bacon a couple times here, and it always seems to taste different, less salty, more sweeter, and thinner too. And somehow, less fatty (not that I need any more fat in my diet :-))

  2. Kevin Kossowan

    ACF – I didn’t see it, but noticed it mentioned. It’s more the ridiculous food uses [cupcakes, ice cream, etc] that get me.
    Michelle – the people to ask: Irvings Farm Fresh – as they make english style bacon. I believe you’re right that the cure would be different.

  3. Kasia

    This post is both entertaining and sensible :) Again, will be forwarding to my bacon-loving husband. You two should hang out.

  4. Kasia

    Also, have you tried (my favourite) cold smoked bacon from the Polish Food Centre (10131 Princess Elizabeth Ave NW)? It’s called Polędwica and it is delicious.

  5. Kevin Kossowan

    Kasia – I haven’t tried Polędwica, but have had schinken speck which I believe is along the same lines, and so awesome. I think I may be driving right by the Polish Food Centre today…may have to make the stop…

  6. jeff

    Being an immense bacon lover myself, these post are great. If you havent already, have a look at a :epic meal time” on youtube. They are also big time bacon lovers however very very over the top.

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