Best. Ribs. Ever.

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Although it’s nice when recipes get some attention, I really get excited when posting about concepts. This concept shalt be called: ‘Best. Ribs. Ever‘ concept. That name won because ‘Don’t invite anybody over ’cause they’re too good to share and there’s only so many ribs on a pig ribs‘ was simply too long.

As you may know, I start with very excellent pork, whole-hog-style. And I’ve used many various techniques, mostly simmering related for an hour or two, prior to a shot on the grill. But recently, I had a moment of clarity: “If the pork shoulder & neck roasts seem to benefit from a 175C 5 hour braise, then why not throw some ribs in the roasting pan while I cook a roast, then have ribs the next day?” Last night: braised shoulder. Tonight: Best. Ribs. Ever. Seasonings/recipe is virtually irrelevant, as the grill sauce and flavor take control there, and the hero of the show: supple, delicate, perfectly texture pork ribs.

So the take away? When taking a braising roast out of the oven, take a few racks of ribs out too, and do them together. Energy efficient. Time efficient. Pleasure efficient. 5 hrs at 175C with a touch of fluid in it, seasoned of course. Grill [I got lucky and hit a sweet spot of fire-cooking-bliss with some fir and apple] & sauce as you please. Revel in the awesomeness. Thank me later.

4 Comments on “Best. Ribs. Ever.”

  1. Storm

    I guess if you aren't going to bother with actually smoking ribs then as you saw sauce and seasoning is irrelevant as it will overpower any hint of good rib flavor..

    I'd suggest a trip to Texas is in order for a good comparison of great ribs to mere "grilled" ribs..

  2. Kevin Kossowan

    Storm – your tone far from makes me want to leap in a plane to see if you're right.

  3. Storm

    I think that you may have heard a tone that wasn't there.. Though I do believe that ribs are pretty well wasted if not smoked, or if drowned in sauce, the comment was offered in a light-hearted manner.

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