Blamin’ it on Jamie Oliver

KevinButchering, HuntingLeave a Comment

A little gross? Yeah, I know. But if Jamie Oliver can publish photos of a slaughtered lamb and a boar split in half in his ‘Jamie’s Italy‘ book, I figure I could post this with clear conscience.

Wild, sustainably raised, milk fed, finished on alfalfa and native grass, drug-free, free range, local, and harvested stress-free at its peak of quality. Looks pretty good on paper. Just not so much in the picture.

But the picture’s important – to me it is, anyway. It reminds me of the nasty bits associated with meat-making. And as much as nasty can become healthily normal with exposure, it’s still nasty. But it’s part of the deal, and somehow we’ve gone from a culture of a family member doing the slaughter, to having a butcher do it behind glass at a grocery store, to buying boxed, packaged, portioned, pre-cooked, pre-sauced meats at M&M meats. Yikes.

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