5 Comments on “Blood Sausage Fest”

  1. Mel

    I gotta say, blood sausage is one thing I don’t know if I could handle. I’m curious to see this video; maybe I will be able to overcome my revulsion…

  2. Apple Jack Creek

    It was reading medieval historical novels and realizing that people made blood sausage because without it, they’d not have enough protein/iron to get through the winter that convinced me that a vegetarian, local diet is just not workable in my current climate/growing region. I can’t grow enough beans to get me through a winter, not on my clay soil, and I do have pasture grass in plenty that sheep happily convert into delicious meat.

    That said … I dunno if I’m quiiiiiiiite ready for blood sausage yet.

  3. Kevin Kossowan

    CH – :)
    Mel – Like many things, it’s not nearly as nasty as you might think. That said, I’ll go on record that it’s also not my favorite sausage – but it was a heck of a lot of fun to make!!
    AJC – If one is truly concerned about using the entirety of an animal, whether for moral ethics or survival, I totally ‘get’ blood sausage. From a culinary hedonism perspective, I don’t get it. But this is a guy who will pass on foie gras and white truffle too…

  4. kateryna

    I love your blog Kevin. I found it when I googled lard, but this lood sausage article surprised me since I’ve revisited blood sausage recently after not having it since I was a child. .I’ve added you to my blog list on my site. We both live in Edmonton.I’m planning to order some pork fat and render my own lard soon. Glad I found you.

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