Bull Moose Tenderloin & Ruffed Grouse Breast

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My dad invited us over for dinner tonight, and I had my first full-on game dinner of 2007. The photos below show the hefty tenderloin [note: bull moose are damn large] and the chain separated [top strip]. The right bottom right: the portioned tenderloin and ruffed grouse breasts seasoned and ready for the pan. We did this up with some BBQ baked potato, salad, last year’s beet pickles, garden tomatoes, and sautéed mushroom/onion that deglazed the tenderloin fry pan. It was good. Very good. Good thing he had a respectable South African wine hiding in the ‘cold room’ [cellar]. I CANNOT WAIT to get hooked up with the year’s supply of calves. Can’t wait. You’ll hear about it so much, you’ll be sick of it.

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