Burned Yu Choy & Ruffed Grouse Stir-fry on Rice

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There’s a contingent of readers out there who arrive at my humble blog-abode by googling for ideas on how to use their game meats. I’ve read a lot of game cookbooks, and have looked around online, and recipes tend to be…not so good. Not-so-interesting, at the very least. So in an effort to help out some fellow game-eaters [and use too-many-hyphons], I’m going to take a moment to ‘recipe-ize’ my lunch. I took some grouse for a spin in my wok, and the result was solid. Please don’t be intimidated by the asian ingredients – a good asian grocer can hook you up.


Bowl A

2 grouse breasts, sliced [mine were fried the day before] 2 tbsp fish sauce
small handful of 1″ sliced garlic shoots or chinese chives

1 thumb of fresh ginger, grated
1 clove garlic, grated or pressed

Bowl B
2-3 shoots of Yu Choy, roughly sliced
2-3 baby bok choy, pieces pulled apart [optional]

Bowl C
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp hoisin sauce [optional]

Get some rice steaming. Prep all the bowls, stirring the meat one to coat everything up nicely.

Heat up your wok nice and hot, and add a tbsp or so of peanut oil. In goes Bowl B. What you want is the greens to burn slightly. I know. Sounds crazy. Trust me. Let them sit, stir infrequently, until you get a bit of burn action. While that’s going on, add a tbsp or two of water from the tap to your empty bowl. When you see some char, toss the water on the greens, and turn your bowl over them to help steam them a bit. I used a stainless bowl, and kept my hand holding it. As soon as it got hot to touch, I took it off and the greens were nicely done. Put the greens on a big plate/platter.

Hot wok? In goes bowl A. Since my grouse was cooked, I was just looking for some heating through, and even a little stick-to-the-bottom [ie. ‘fond’] action. Prior to any burning here, add bowl C. It will go nuts, and then start to bubble and reduce. When it’s at a decent sauce consistency, plate that too. It should look something like the photo? I hope?

Serve atop rice.

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