Burnin’ the Shit out of Bacon

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This is not what bacon should look like, just coming off the smoke. This is what bacon looks like when you figure all is going smoothly, and head out with the family shopping for groceries. And instead of coming home to the anticipated wisp of smoke that needs tending, coming home to a huge grease fire in your smoking apparatus. And opening the lid and finding blackness, smoke, and flames. Not the plan. As I swore to myself in frustration, I was grateful that it was my batch, not my friend’s batch – which was slated for the smoker next. At least mine’s garbage, thought I. And at least this happened safely outside.
So I brought the burnt, nuked, grease-fired, would-be bacon into the house to toss it. But then my wife and I realized it smelled like I just brought in a rack of pork ribs off the grill. It did not smell burnt – it smelled tasty. My mood changed. So I cut into it – and lo and behold, I have a new bacon product of some kind that I need to find a name for. It smells of lovely bacon, but with a grilled-ribs vibe. Char-smoked-bacon? Smoke-seared-bacon? I’m so serving this tomorrow with a big red wine, moose tenderloin, and mushrooms…

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