Cake, sleep, and mastering

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My first successful scratch cake. Chocolate cake with raspberry jam inside, and a chocolate icing. This is my favorite cake that my mom made for birthdays as I grew up. Not the exact recipe, but you know what I mean. Happily the texture is spot on – very tender and moist. Next time, more jam.
Makes pregnant ladies very happy.
Not your typical Tuesday evening activity, I know. Especially after feeling like hell for the last couple days. I went to bed at 7:30 or so last night and slept until just before 7 this morning, waking up with a strange headache and sore throat.
And to top off my weird day, I ‘finished’ another round of ‘mastered’ mixes of the new Novalee record. That’s right. Pretty much finished enough to put in other peoples’ hands. Very cool.

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