Cassoulet w/ Hocks & Belly

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I was going to cure and rotisserie some pork hocks. I was going to make a slab of bacon. But I did neither, and ended up here. Being sick has the odd virtue. My cold-laziness opted out of curing and smoking, and instead threw the whole whack in the oven so I could quit thinking about it waiting in my fridge. So I ended up with: belly par-confit’d [top was roasted, good combo], with some soy, green onion, and mollases and hocks braised in sage and saksatoon wine lees. The hocks went into a bean dish [wonderful use, btw], the belly fried up a bit and plopped on top. And laziness yields a dish I’d be happy to serve to the most discriminating guests. Go figure.

Worthwhile note: I’ve developed a 5 hr rule for slow cooking the right cuts of pork. No less than 5, at 150-175C. Optimally, leave the stuff in the oven after it’s turned off to finish cooking with the residual heat for another hour or two.

Worthwhile note 2: this would kick ass more if it were fall and cold out. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

One Comment on ““Cassoulet w/ Hocks & Belly”

  1. Ferdzy

    Good god, dude. Don’t be wishing for winter; it’ll be here soon enough. Eat some peas ‘n’ radishes and chill, and by chill I mean sunbathe.

    p.s does sound good though…

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