Jerky – A Recipe Worth Sharing

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I’ve made a fair whack of jerky, both in the oven and over wood fire, sweet-glazed versions, plain versions, smoked and unsmoked. I’ve recently come across a recipe that’s worth sharing. Not only is it dang tasty, it avoids the onion/garlic powder route which even ‘Charcuterie’ suggests [a rare shortcoming of the book]: per pound of meat [in this case, … Read More

Mmm, smoke – I could almost eat my jacket

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I’ve posted often enough about bacon to skip the details. Short story: the last batch was awesome, and it’s all gone. So out came another slab of belly. And what’s this…hog jowl? Hm. And is that a pack of calf moose belly? After a week of curing, they were smoked with apple and hickory. Man, I love hickory. For some … Read More