Scrambled Yak and Jowl

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Scrambled eggs hold a place dear to my heart. And you can hold the white truffle, and pair it with some high pedigree apple juice, please. Why write about scrambled eggs? Two reasons: Yak butter, and Jowl bacon. The yak butter: right off the bat, it smells cheesy more than any butter I’ve encountered. The kind of cheesy that’s just … Read More

Shitake & Enoki Scrambled Egg

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When one spends a night in the hospital with his sick infant daughter, arrives home at 5am, and is up at 6:30am, what does one make for an arriving brunch guest? Luckily, this particular brunch guest arrived with bags of ingredients, and suggested the dish. All I did was execute as best I could in my overtired state. Our little … Read More

Poached Egg Salad Sandwich with Creminis

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I don’t do poached eggs enough. I remember ‘poaching’ eggs in rapidly boiling water for a guest. It took me a while to figure out that the active water essentially blasted apart the egg. Thankfully I’m beyond that now. I also tend to remember a scene from ‘Wickedly Perfect‘ that runs through my head while prepping to poach: Bobby Flay … Read More

I, Kevin Kossowan, am an egg snob

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Well at least I’m not in denial. These are the first eggs I’ve had in while from the farm I’ve talked about before. 4 glorious dozen. To honor them appropriately, I have visions of vanilla ice cream, creme brulée, and egg salad sandwiches. And of course, fried egg over easy with toast and home-made bacon. Come on. That’s real food. … Read More