Turkey Many, Many, Ways

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Turkeys are on sale for Christmas. So my inner cheap-ass bought a 21 lb turkey for $18, thoughts of cheap tastiness spinning through my head. Having a party? Nope. Just the two of us plus a baby. So it’s going to appear in many ways, as to not bore us. Today I started with the classic roasted turkey. I also … Read More

Poached Egg Salad Sandwich with Creminis

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I don’t do poached eggs enough. I remember ‘poaching’ eggs in rapidly boiling water for a guest. It took me a while to figure out that the active water essentially blasted apart the egg. Thankfully I’m beyond that now. I also tend to remember a scene from ‘Wickedly Perfect‘ that runs through my head while prepping to poach: Bobby Flay … Read More

Crème Brulée

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I can’t believe how beloved this dish seems to be to dinner guests around here, and how few actually make it. And by few, I believe zero would be fair. So either I’ve unintentionally deceived them into thinking it’s ridiculously difficult to make – or they’re lying to me about how much they really like it. I own the CIA’s … Read More

I, Kevin Kossowan, am an egg snob

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Well at least I’m not in denial. These are the first eggs I’ve had in while from the farm I’ve talked about before. 4 glorious dozen. To honor them appropriately, I have visions of vanilla ice cream, creme brulée, and egg salad sandwiches. And of course, fried egg over easy with toast and home-made bacon. Come on. That’s real food. … Read More

It is fall, therefore I am tired.

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Photo of the day: some lovely baking from Manuel Latrouwe in Calgary. Any place that makes a seriously good pain au chocolat is in my good books. I’m back, recuperating from my holiday, and getting pounded by a million and one demands at work. Fall always seems to be busy at work, with gardening harvest, and with hunting and game … Read More


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I smoked about 7 lbs of bacon today. I must say that starting a fire with dried sage branches from your garden, and tending to a charcoal fire at dawn is a very pleasant experience. The result this time was fantastic. I’d get into more about how this is done, but I lack the time. Another time. I have to … Read More

Thanksgiving Dinner 2007

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Thanksgiving in Canada is actually on Monday. But we’re celebrating it early, due to scheduling ‘issues’. This being our first year with our very own child at home, I’m eager to start our own family traditions. So we spent a leisurely fall day as a family, doing as little as possible. The simple 2 course menu for our thanksgiving dinner: … Read More

More Bread Oven Action

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I dug and washed a gazillion kilos of potatoes by myself this evening. The norland, yukon gold, and russian fingerling harvests are done. I’m hurting and tired. So today, I simply offer another cool bread oven to admire. The first was here. I have to admit it would be cooler if this was my buddy’s back yard or something, but … Read More