Best. Ribs. Ever.

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Although it’s nice when recipes get some attention, I really get excited when posting about concepts. This concept shalt be called: ‘Best. Ribs. Ever‘ concept. That name won because ‘Don’t invite anybody over ’cause they’re too good to share and there’s only so many ribs on a pig ribs‘ was simply too long. As you may know, I start with … Read More

Rendering Lard – my new bff

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Why, oh why, have I never done this before? I’ve cut 10 sides of pork in the past 13 months, and never, not once, did I render lard. Stupid. I will forever and ever, from this day forward, consider the leaf lard in the pig a very valuable piece of yield. Not only is it excessively easy to harvest – … Read More


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So is it worth it? Is there any savings to buying a whole or side of animal? First Step I tromped down to the freezer, and yanked all the packs I’d previously put there to freeze, back out. My inner cheap-ass required it. Required I weigh it. Required I do some math. 28.8kg, my scale says. So roughly 63 lbs. … Read More