Field to Fire – Whitefish

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Yes, episode 1. Don’t get it? Don’t blame you. This series [Field to Fire] is going to strictly be about exploring regional ingredients, and preparing them a couple ways outdoors. Same format. Every time. I liked the idea, but a major problem with it is that it excluded other fun content that I’d normally shoot and get involved with. So … Read More

Episode 25: Cellar Food

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Strange. It’s mid-December, the soil’s frozen, plants toast – but counterintuitively, this time of year is one of the best times of year food-wise. The freezers are full of a variety of meats, fruits, stocks, lard, and more. The wine cellar’s full of apple wines, ciders, and dry cured pork and game, while the root cellar is an exciting world … Read More

Root Cellar Update: December Garden Veg

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Well. Success. I’m very grateful that the principles of cellaring are not rocket science or prohibitively expensive. This is my first winter with a functioning root cellar for veg – built in a corner of my conventional concrete basement – and every last item in there is providing valuable education for how to manage my cellar moving forward. So here … Read More

Reject Pickled Carrots: Another Reason to ‘Work for Food’

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Just when I thought I’d posted about as much as one needed to about pickled carrots… My wife and I have been helping out Green Eggs & Ham lately with their labor crunch – heading out to the farm when we can arrange sitters to help bag produce for the market, harvest carrots like crazy, or whatever else they need … Read More

Apricot Jam, Batch 2, 2009

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I’ve posted about my love for apricot jam before. It is not a new love. I don’t know if it’s the acidity of the fruit, the delicate femininity of the flavour, the supple texture, or the cool colour. [as an aside, that describes my style of wine too…hm…] They also win the ‘easiest pit-fruit-to-prep’ award. Maybe it’s all of it. … Read More

Raspberry Jam

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Monday afternoon my dad gave me a hand to turn the summer’s yield of raspberries into jam. More like…he made it while I watched. My summer escapades botching batch after batch of apple jelly had destroyed my confidence – but it has been restored. Pretty easy stuff, and MAN it’s good. I’m the kind of guy that forgets stuff – … Read More