Mmm, smoke – I could almost eat my jacket

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I’ve posted often enough about bacon to skip the details. Short story: the last batch was awesome, and it’s all gone. So out came another slab of belly. And what’s this…hog jowl? Hm. And is that a pack of calf moose belly? After a week of curing, they were smoked with apple and hickory. Man, I love hickory. For some … Read More


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I smoked about 7 lbs of bacon today. I must say that starting a fire with dried sage branches from your garden, and tending to a charcoal fire at dawn is a very pleasant experience. The result this time was fantastic. I’d get into more about how this is done, but I lack the time. Another time. I have to … Read More

Maple Bacon

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I just washed down from curing 3 nice slabs of pork belly. I showed up at my source for said hunks of loveliness, and they had hogs quartered lengthwise, a few of them, laid out on the counter. The butcher eventually broke from his conversation, in chinese, long enough to help me, the lone customer checking out his case. I … Read More

Bacon and Venison

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I smoked bacon in -24 and snow today. Far more enjoyable in the fall, but seems to have worked okay nonetheless. Cured pork belly is not near as good as its smoked counterpart. It’s not just the smoke – in this case, hickory. It’s a texture thing too – it firms it up, changes the character of the meat, and … Read More