What I learned about wine in Paris

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Upon our arrival in Paris, we made our customary stop at the Franprix across the street from the hotel. I was eager to pickup a bottle to sip away at while writing. Gotta have a bottle for the hotel room. Mandatory. I figured that a Julienas from a smaller producer I’d never heard of would be a safe and pleasant … Read More

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Well, if my blog posts stop for a few days, it’s cause I’m in France. One more sleep. The weather’s going to be beautiful, and I’m really stoked about bringing back wine. I’ve been reading about wine regions like the Loire and the Cote Challonais that are very popular and well known in France, but that our wine shops here … Read More

Fire pit spit and Chateauneuf du Pape

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Does it get better? Really. Does it? My brother came over yesterday for dinner, with the goal of trying a bottle he’d purchased to enjoy together. So I started myself a little fire with wood from the ravine. Added a good whack of hardwood charcoal. And when ready, rotisseried beef shoulder, and pork shoulder chunks on a spit for a … Read More

High-yield poster-boy

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This bottle is interesting. It’s a great example of how marketing wine is more imporant than wine of character in the new world. I completely understand the profit driven aspect of this, but it’s too bad that this has become a ‘visible’ norm of Canadian wine. My impression is that this is a perfect example of what happens when a … Read More

4 Wines and a Plate

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Coffee’s going down a treat this morning. I may need another. I was up at 5:30 with Eve, and couldn’t fall back asleep for the splitter headache and ‘unemployable’ by Pearl Jam cycling through my head. I did a bit of cleanup from last night’s wine festivities, but with the rest of the family sleeping, figure it’s better to do … Read More

Almost Friday

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I’m quite excited about tomorrow. First. It’s Friday. Reason enough to be excited. Our weekly morning trip to the ICS bakery is always enjoyable. Add to that: Friday wine night. But not just any wine night this week – it’s my first 4 Wines and a Plate event. I’m really hoping this format works out. One thing I do know … Read More

I love Fridays

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First off, the shot on the left is damn good food. Calf moose round roast, sliced thin. It’s amazing that even the round cut, typically tougher, is as tender as filet mignon on beef. Such a treat. Marinated in soy, mint, chives, sesame oil, and garlic. Skewer and grill, and damn that’s good food. Speaking of good food. We went … Read More

Red wine value.

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Superstore carries 2 of the wines I preferred at the tasting last Friday, if you’re interested in some good value red. Look for Don David Cabernet Sauvignon which offers some elegance, dried fruits, and a spunky nose for about $14 with tax and deposit. And the other they have is Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec which was light, very good, and … Read More

Pouilly Fuissé and Chorey les Beaune

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Yesterday was quite the wine day. I tasted my way through 43 or so South American wines, only to follow it up with an evening of a couple bottles of French wines with some guests. The first was the Pouilly Fuissé I’d been meaning to crack. I bought this wine to educate myself about what to expect from Pouilly Fuissé … Read More

South American Wine Favorites

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In order of what I’d go out to buy right now… Luigi Bosca Merlot [Argentina] $20.99Whoah. The nose is amazing. Dry, but great flavour and nose. A favorite. La Playa Rosé [Chile] $13.99Wow. Perfect rosé, great fruits – both citrus and bright red fruits. Very impressive and enjoyable. A crowd pleaser. Cousino Macul Antiguas Merlot [Chile] $17.99Fabulous nose. Red fruits … Read More