Food and Wine. Surprise, surprise.

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This is what my recent trial of Northern Pike roe turned out like. Looks amazing. Looks like it’s been breaded and deep fried. Nothing of the sorts. Very strange. The flavor profile was great, but the texture was very dense – unpleasantly so. I must have overcooked it. Gotta learn somehow, I suppose. And the photo below is unexciting as … Read More

Yes, I’m obsessed

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I’ve spent a lot of time researching Beaujolais recently. A lot. And not just because I’m a new huge fan of the wines. Adding to the obsession is that we’re going to be staying in Burgundy for a week on a family holiday next spring in association with my mom’s wedding. It’s all very exciting. So I’m planning to visit … Read More

This Week’s Wine: more Beaujolais

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I was lucky enough to have company for this week’s tasting. Especially articulate company with a good palate. I bought this bottle because the 2005 was scored a 90 in Wine Specator. And that’s a fair score, as far as we can figure. Far above average, no question. It’s a hell of a light bodied wine, so if you’re expecting … Read More

My lesson in the Côtes du Rhone

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Grenache vines near Vaison la Romaine. I’ve been spending some time lately sorting out my thoughts on French wine, and am a little shocked at how much I’ve absorbed over the past few years. I’m realizing the value of the education I’ve obtained driving all over France. This vineyard, I’ll never forget. I hope not. It was one of my … Read More

What I learned from Wine Spectator

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My recent explorations into the recommended wines of Wine Spectator has taught me a tremendous amount about wine. I’ve yammered on a lot about new world and old world wines, and am obviously biased. Well now, I am even more so. New world. The new world offers huge flavors. As I’ve said before, you’d think I’d love this. Not so, … Read More

Fish. Wine.

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Divergent blog day, here I come. This is a picture I took on a bridge in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. In June. I figured blogs are more interesting with pictures. And I didn’t take any today, so here you go. It was unwise of me to not take pictures though, as it was an interesting day. I got a call at … Read More

Goats Do Roam 2005 South Africa

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Okay. Wine review #2 of the weekend. So I’m being a little self indulgent. They say you’re supposed to do this kind of thing just before you have a baby. I went to the Stanley Milner library downtown today and took out a few Wine Spectator magazines. The library experience may be a blog rant itself, but that’s not the … Read More

Bad Habit: Burgundy

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This evening I cracked a 2004 Bouchard Pere et Fils ‘Moulin a Vent’. It’s a red burgundy made from the Gamay grape in the Beaujolais. I found the wine after visiting quite a few boutique wine shops today. It’s from a very reputable producer from Beaune, a town in Burgundy we’ve visited twice. It did not disappoint. [$19 at Superstore] … Read More

Wine Tasting

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I’ve been a little obsessed with wine lately. It a happens from time to time. I was reading a local foodie publication this week and they sold me on attending some wine tasting events held by local wine stores. And then I thought: wait a minute, why don’t I hold my own!? I’ve wanted to on a few occasions, but … Read More

Engagement Party Dinner

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Saturday night I put together an ultra-posh ‘French Bistro’ themed 5 course menu to celebrate M & D’s engagement. A quick review: Wine pairing for the next two courses: Crémant d’Alsace from Turkheim we brought back from our recent trip to France. It’s essentially champagne, from Alsace. We tasted at a lot of wineries before settling on this as our … Read More