The Humble Raspberry

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I had to add a ‘category’ for raspberries, as apparently, after 600+ posts, I’ve never written about them. That’s odd. Yesterday was a bit of raspberry hell. I had agreed to pick a raspberry patch. Sweet. It was going to yield a lot. Great. I could use lots of raspberries as my kids love it. But what I didn’t know … Read More

Rhubarb Cake

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This is the first year I can really pillage my rhubarb. I find I have to remind myself to harvest it as its such a permanent fixture here and there throughout the yard. I know I’ll be grateful I did come winter – the first bags of frozen rhubarb are finding their way into the freezer. Having had my spring … Read More

2010 Apple Wine Vintage Shows its Face

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Oh, happiness. I’ve been keeping a loose eye on the bubbling of my apple wine carboys [a not-so-modest 9 carboys, or ~20 cases. I’m sharing with folks, honest], but hadn’t noticed them dropping clear until today. What does that mean? The yeast is done doing its thing – and no longer is creating turbulence in the solution. What does that … Read More