Killing-Frost Harvest Sprint 2010

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The forecast tonight? -4C!?! The ‘big white combine‘, as farmer-friend Andreas puts it, cometh. It was go-time in our yard today. We started with harvesting the tomatoes [nearly all green], then the fall squashes, any remaining summer squashes, the cucumbers, celery, celeriac, the significant beet crop, onions, shallots, pole beans, bush beans of many types – and a couple hundred … Read More

U Pick Strawberries – South Windermere Gardens

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I’m pretty convinced strawberries should not travel. The ones we get from afar out of season can taste vaguely of strawberry – although they look the part, and the ones that you can grow here can look pretty funny, but can be heady, floral, and seductive like a beautiful wine. And last I checked, I dig heady, floral, and seductive, … Read More

Lawn Converted Into Food

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Over the past few years I’ve watched a few hundred episodes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV, and am a regular commenter there. Recently, I’ve been enamored with Daniel Klein’s ‘Perennial Plate‘ project about eating locally in Minnesota. So recently I had a bit of a ‘duh…’ moment, realizing that I had the gear to do some video blogging myself, … Read More

A Quickie Garden Tour

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Valerie reminded me today that I need to post more about gardening. I’ve also been meaning to post some photos for my gardening buddy who recently moved away [who’s on dial-up, and will hate me for this post, then love me]. I have a decidedly unconventional garden with streaks of conventionality running about. I just got in from taking a … Read More

My First Haskap

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Until a couple years ago, I’d never heard of these things. Haskap, or Blue Honeysuckle, became available through seed catalogs in the last couple years, and I figured I’d give them a go. I believe I have a Polar Jewel, and one other kind. They apparently are super-hardy, even the blossoms hardy well into freezing temperatures, and they clearly produce … Read More