Already Late for Next Year’s Seeding, Dang.

KevinCold Frames, From the Garden, Gardening, Shoulder Season Gardening, Spring Veg, Vegetables3 Comments

This is a first for me. Normally this is a March/April job – prepping soil for the coming year’s planting. My recent adventure at my local organic veg grower reminded me I was a bit behind the ball, as they already had onions, spinach, etc coming up for wintering over. Their little cold-hardy plants will have roots prepped to send … Read More

Tomato Vintage

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This year’s tomato vintage sports both pretty substantial fails and victories, but on the whole, it’s a win. First, the good. I planted space that wasn’t in production last year, on the south side of my garage along the alley. ‘Aren’t you worried people will steal your crop?’, asked many. I figure if they need it that bad, have it. … Read More

Best. Spinach. Crop. Ever.

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I’ve grown spinach every year since 2003. For years I’ve seen seed catalog photos of large spinach plants, thinking they must be liars. My spinach was always small, would produce a few leaves, and it would proceed to bolt if the sun looked at it wrong. We’d get a nice crop of baby spinach, but that’s really about it. Apparently … Read More