Lawn Converted Into Food

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Over the past few years I’ve watched a few hundred episodes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV, and am a regular commenter there. Recently, I’ve been enamored with Daniel Klein’s ‘Perennial Plate‘ project about eating locally in Minnesota. So recently I had a bit of a ‘duh…’ moment, realizing that I had the gear to do some video blogging myself, … Read More

Grape Vine Update June 2010 [Year 2]

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Quick vine update for other grape growing nerds. My Frontenac along the house are nearing the bottom wire of the trellis – which makes me happy daily. When I built the trellis, it felt very ambitious to expect the wee little grape plants to ever approach the wires. The bottom wire is 4′ – and should be easily achieved in … Read More

My Northerly Backyard Vineyard: Year 2

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At 53o 34′ latitude, this photo is a small triumph: my grapes seem to have easily survived their first winter. I pruned them back hard a week or two ago, looking to encourage vigorous growth out of one shoot in an effort to train a mature-wooded trunk by year end. Grapes are impressing me with their vigour – exploding buds … Read More

The Vines Arrive

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After far more planning and preparation than I generally would care to admit, after all the months of anticipation – this day has finally arrived. It had been delayed by the Frontenac Gris varietal not yet being released from quarantine by the CFIA. I’d then been watching for the post truck for days, hoping that they’d have something for me. … Read More

Proof That I’m Crazy: Viticulture In Edmonton

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It’s time I start talking about it. I’m a tad crazy. Perhaps overly optimistic. UPS delivered the hardware for my grape trellises today, and the galvanized wire went up. The hardware had to come from the US, because, well, basically growing grapes locally just doesn’t happen. Because most other people aren’t crazy. After so much research and planning, it is … Read More