Calf Moose Hunt 2009

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We’re going to remember the 2009 season for a long time, for the absolute opposite reasons we’ll long remember 2006. On my 2006 hunt, we saw 67 moose in two days – which was remarkable. This year, in two days, we saw 2 moose. Two. Just under 3% of the action we had only 3 years ago. Our best guess … Read More

Thanksgiving 2009

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Sometimes family from out of town that you rarely get to see are suddenly in town. And sometimes they’re very dear friends that just happen to be family. And sometimes it’s coincidentally their 20th anniversary. And sometimes this happens at thanksgiving. What’s one to do? 5lbs of BC Prawns 3 ways 2005 Leon Beyer Riesling Reserve, Alsace Herb and Garlic … Read More

Mmm, smoke – I could almost eat my jacket

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I’ve posted often enough about bacon to skip the details. Short story: the last batch was awesome, and it’s all gone. So out came another slab of belly. And what’s this…hog jowl? Hm. And is that a pack of calf moose belly? After a week of curing, they were smoked with apple and hickory. Man, I love hickory. For some … Read More

Asian-Braised Calf Moose Neck

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A couple days ago, I watched Alton Brown’s ‘Good Eats’ episode on stewing while a neck cut sat in my fridge, awaiting some creativity. For optimal stews, AB suggests braising the meat in larger pieces, then adding them to the stew – cooking the meats at 250 F for 4 hrs in a tightly sealed vessel with little liquid, relying … Read More