Episode 26: Smoke & Ice

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I grew up hunting and gardening, abandoned them both as a young adult, then fell in love with both again later in life. Apparently, same goes for ice fishing. I have semi-fond memories of exhausty ski-doo-trailer rides on to the lake, sitting on a pail getting blasted by the elements, eye lashes freezing together, not catching much of anything, getting … Read More

Sonora – homeward

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A little behind on my posts, I know. Yesterday morning Henry took us out salmon fishing. The day before, a 41 lb salmon, and a 56 lb salmon both came out of the same spot. When fishing is slow, this is a major deal. The big one was the biggest in the area since 1963. The highlight of the outing … Read More

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I have to make this quick. See the picture? Yeah. 21.5 lb spring salmon. The first I’ve caught in nearly a decade. It’s a beauty. So needless to say, I had a good day. Caught a Koho salmon, some big-ass ling cod, smoked some meats, and finally enjoyed a 2000 Domaine Pavelot La Dominode which was extremely good. It was … Read More

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We caught another whack of fish today. Some teenie ling cod. P had a good day, catching a 13 lb ling [seen on left], and generally just catching most of the fish of the day. We kept a couple ling cod – one to brine and smoke, and one to freeze whole to enjoy at home. We also took 4 … Read More

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Ling cod fishing is a lot of fun – a lot of action. I had a huge dog fish [small shark] coming after one of the ling on my line. Had to have been a big dog fish to want a piece of a 10 lb ling cod. I’ve been surprised how many ling are in that size range – … Read More

Props to my dad

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I don’t give my dad props very often. So here we go. I was looking at this picture from a couple nights ago thinking: “I think nothing of doing my own butchering of fish, fowl, and game. If if were not for my dad, I would not have these skills.” Not a big deal if you’ve been exposed to it, … Read More