Fish N Chips: Northern Pike, Take II

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What does one do with oil that has been dirtied with deep fried fish? Make more deep fried fish. That, and store it outside in the meantime, as there are far more pleasant odors to have lingering in your kitchen. For the potato debaters in yesterday’s comments: today’s were red norlands. I liked them better. Maybe it was the oil … Read More

Fish N Chips: Northern Pike

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It’s good to have ‘sources’. Today, a whole 8 lb Northern Pike found its way into my kitchen. After much gutting, skinning, and deboning [boning being the correct term, but deboning sounds less vulgar, no?], I had a good platter full of fresh fish to play with. And a copious collection of veg oil that I didn’t want to bring … Read More

Steelhead Trout 2 Ways

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I’m a pretty big fan of Steelhead Trout. I know. It’s farmed. And yes, I’ve made fun of Walmart for labeling it ‘Steelhead Salmon’. But it tends to be a good value, and I dig any fish even closely resembling trout or salmon. Night One. My wife suggested I poach it. Did I? No. I pan fried it. Looks nice, … Read More

Henry’s Salmon Steak

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Henry just called. For those of you who don’t know, Henry is a friend, cousin, and professional fisherman. He’s the man. We’ve waterskied together, written a record together, butchered meat together. He called to let me know that his mother-in-law [my great aunt], passed away today. That kind of news always puts a fresh spin on things. So this evening, … Read More

Really…just my dinner.

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On the left: lake Perch ‘Meuniere’ with potatoes, carrots, and herbs from the garden. Simple but good. While cleaning the fish, I was eyeballing the milt [sperm sac] – but decided to only go down that road with extremely fresh fish. Once again, I have my dad to thank for the supply of lake fishes from the clean waters of … Read More

Salt Cod

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So bizarre. This thing is hard like a chunk of lumber. And the bones are dang sharp – sharp enough to make you bleed, apparently. It’s also bizarre to have a fillet of fish in your fridge for weeks, and it not smell of anything but a faint suggestion of fresh fish. So now I have this brick of salt … Read More

Rockfish and Lemongrass Soup

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My tongue feels like someone’s piercing it with a hot metal poker. But aside from that, this is easily one of the best soups I’ve ever made. I needed a quick lunch, and here’s what went in the pot: 2 cups or so of chicken broth1 cup or so of pork brothA healthy shot of leftover Nuoc Cham [see previous … Read More

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I have a confession to make. I had fish and chips again for supper tonight. But it wasn’t my fault this time – at least – it was someone else’s idea. My dad had a slab of halibut in his freezer that should have been consumed long ago, so we bid it adieu this evening. He was keen on ‘my’ … Read More

Fish N Chips: Pickerel

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Is ‘holy shit’ an adjective? If not, I hereby dub thee, and if so, it is being appropriately used. I used my 36-lbs-of-cod-deep-fry night experience tonight to nail some deep-fried-forgotten-in-my-trunk pickerel. Now is that an adjective? It describes the noun, and I can spell it, so yes it is. BEFORE AFTER And an aside for your reading pleasure:

Fish and Chips

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Well. I had a few people over yesterday to celebrate the bounty of ling cod, and share some fish and chips. The bounty: 36 lbs live-weight, 14 lbs deboned cubed ling cod. 10 lbs of russet potatoes joined the party, as did many cases of beer. Overall, it went well, but not without its share of lessons along the way. … Read More