Wild Mushrooms: had to go back for more

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How I got to my 30’s without knowing the wild agaricus genus of mushroom, I will never know. Agaricus Bisporus is the button mushroom you find at the box stores – so are criminis and portabellos. Agaricus Campestris [seen here, and posted about yesterday], whose common name is ‘field mushroom’ is a still-wild relative. It will be added to my … Read More

Urban Mushroom Foray

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I’ve been humbled. I knew I didn’t know much when it came to local mushroom – I tend to focus on what I know to be safe: shaggy parasols and shaggy manes – but I didn’t realize what I knew was simply a blip in the insanely geeky, mysterious, intriguing, and often tasty world of wild mushrooms. Last night was … Read More

Shaggy Parasol Powder

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I imagine most of you have tired of hearing about shaggy parasols by now. I forgive you. But I absolutely must mention one of my coolest new pantry items: shaggy parasol powder. A friend mentioned using dried morels as a powder, and a light bulb went on. I still had some of these left, not really knowing what to do … Read More

Shaggy Parasols – in November

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I don’t quite get it. I must be doing something right.  It’s likely just the year. I not only got a serious feed of these in July, then again in September, but then they came again in…November??? Just to be clear, they’re all from my small city lot, and I didn’t try to grow these – they grow ‘wild’. They … Read More

I’m Thankful for This Soup

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I’ve been really grateful for the abundance around me lately. I feel a little like I’ve won the lottery [I don’t buy tickets]. This soup kind of summed up my happiness of late. It’s a purée of winter squashes from my former lawned front yard, with celery and leek from my backyard garden + a whack of chevre from Holly. … Read More

Shaggy Parasols – September 2010

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I recently reviewed my posts to check the time of year these guys had appear in my back yard in the past, and it turns out  they tend to make an appearance once in July, then again in September. Well. It’s September, and here they are. The big cap in the photo weighs a half-pound. The entirety weighed in at … Read More