Wild Blueberry Swirl Gelato

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While picking wild blueberries, all I could think about was cooking them down and eating them with ice cream. And that time has come. Sort of. Although ‘warm wild blueberry compote on home-made vanilla ice cream’ would likely be my first choice, it somehow seemed…safe and predictable. Although now that I write it down, it does sound pretty dang good. … Read More


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When I left yesterday I had no idea I’d be on a ‘foodie trip’. Apparently I have a talent for making everything about me food. The long drive here was interrupted frequently for baby-maintenance-stops. On one of those stops, I got out and was looking at the interesting plants growing in the ditch. Some holly-looking-ground-cover-thingers. And then I noticed these: … Read More

Shaggy Mane Season 2007

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I look forward to this every year. I grew up eating these [coprinus comatus] – the extended family piling into a van or truck and hunting the countryside, picking boxes of them. There’s an urgency about picking shaggy manes. Not only is the season narrow and weather dependent, but they will ‘ink’, turn black, and essentially rot within hours of … Read More

Wild Chokecherries

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As I’ve previously mentioned, the abundance of deep fried fish, wine, and ice cream has required I get some exercise. So we’ve been walking again. On today’s walk, I threw a bucket onto my little one’s stroller, and picked some chokecherries. A little under ripe, I admit. But this year seems to be a bumper crop of wild berries. I … Read More

Shaggy Mane Season 2006

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It is Shaggy Mane season. Well, there’s really not a season, it depends on rain and temperature. But when the weather dips in the fall, and after a few days of good rain, they are around – popping through lawns, mostly along rural roads. This picture is evidence of my food-nerdiness. The mushrooms have simply been scraped of their ‘shag’, … Read More