Wild Raspberries

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Although the cranberries in yesterday’s post weren’t ready, these were: wild raspberries!! The raspberry-eating-munchkin in the photo below made it difficult to linger and pick, otherwise I would have LOVED to leave with a bucket of them. Instead, we mashed handfuls of them into our faces. I would have thought this would be too late for raspberries, as the garden … Read More

Wild High-bush Cranberry Jelly – New School

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Back in mid-September we were picking high-bush cranberries, as you may recall. We could have easily picked 10 times the amount, but I’ve become cautious about overdoing anything in the fall, as I tend to get over-ambitious, then get seriously tired of all the foraging, garden harvest, hunting, butchering, cleaning, packing, freezing, etc. I’m starting to choose my battles. But … Read More

Wild High-bush Cranberries

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My wife and I walk in a nearby ravine throughout the seasons. In August we noticed a serious yield of high-bush cranberries coming. Every few days, I’d check the ripeness. Waiting. And today, quite a few of the trees are in really perfect shape. We picked almost 6 lbs in about a half hour, and there’s easily 10 times that … Read More

Wild Blueberry Swirl Gelato

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While picking wild blueberries, all I could think about was cooking them down and eating them with ice cream. And that time has come. Sort of. Although ‘warm wild blueberry compote on home-made vanilla ice cream’ would likely be my first choice, it somehow seemed…safe and predictable. Although now that I write it down, it does sound pretty dang good. … Read More


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When I left yesterday I had no idea I’d be on a ‘foodie trip’. Apparently I have a talent for making everything about me food. The long drive here was interrupted frequently for baby-maintenance-stops. On one of those stops, I got out and was looking at the interesting plants growing in the ditch. Some holly-looking-ground-cover-thingers. And then I noticed these: … Read More

Wild Chokecherries

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As I’ve previously mentioned, the abundance of deep fried fish, wine, and ice cream has required I get some exercise. So we’ve been walking again. On today’s walk, I threw a bucket onto my little one’s stroller, and picked some chokecherries. A little under ripe, I admit. But this year seems to be a bumper crop of wild berries. I … Read More