Draw Results: Deciding For You

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In the cold of January, it’s the arrival of seed catalogs putting your head into the coming years’ gardening season – knowing that in a couple months you’ll have seedlings starting their journey. With hunting, at least in this province, today’s a similar kind of day. It’s mid July, our gardens are just staring to catch their stride, but it’s … Read More

Calf Moose Hunt 2009

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We’re going to remember the 2009 season for a long time, for the absolute opposite reasons we’ll long remember 2006. On my 2006 hunt, we saw 67 moose in two days – which was remarkable. This year, in two days, we saw 2 moose. Two. Just under 3% of the action we had only 3 years ago. Our best guess … Read More

CBC Flugabwehrkanone

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Quick comment on some recent flak I took in a national news forum. First, the author’s intent was genuine: to promote the ‘interesting topics you write about’, and I thank her for the exposure. But in the comments, a couple themes emerged. A couple readers felt that my use of the word ‘product’ to describe game meat severely disrespects the … Read More

Blamin’ it on Jamie Oliver

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A little gross? Yeah, I know. But if Jamie Oliver can publish photos of a slaughtered lamb and a boar split in half in his ‘Jamie’s Italy‘ book, I figure I could post this with clear conscience. Wild, sustainably raised, milk fed, finished on alfalfa and native grass, drug-free, free range, local, and harvested stress-free at its peak of quality. … Read More

Calf Moose Hunt 2008

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Inherited family curse? I don’t know, but I’m up at 3:30am this morning. My dad suffers from the same early-morning-syndrome, so we’re going to go for a walk in the moonlight to look for animals on their land. After some coffee, of course.Last night we saw one cow moose, one buffalo, and about a dozen deer. But more importantly, we … Read More

Goose Hunt I, 2008

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Another successful goose hunt. Opening morning was warm [4C], calm, foggy, and it was just plain nice to be out in the stubble early in the morning. Once again, I’m very fortunate my uncle and his hunting partner are so kind to share their gear, company, and opportunities with me. To add to the luck, my brother-in-law was keen to … Read More

I just got the call

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I just got the call. Opening season for geese is tomorrow morning, and my goose-hunting-uncle called to offer me a spot on a shoot. So my lazy-apple-processing-day has turned into a crazy-run-around-getting-set-up-for-hunting-why-didn’t-I-do-this-earlier-kinda-day.