Hit it with a car = regional.

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Today I read an add in the paper from Normand’s – a respectable local restaurant – advertising: “Fine Regional Cuisine, Featuring Wild Regional Game: ELK, CARIBOU, and MUSKOX…”. Now for those of you who do not spend much time outdoors, you will not find, no matter how hard you search, a wild caribou or muscox within many, many, many hours … Read More

Mustard Crusted Pan Roasting

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Last night I tried a variation on my ‘steak au poivre’. I’d seen Cat Cora on Iron Chef America – Battle Ground Beef [okay, somewhat embarassing] crust red meat by slathering it in Dijon mustard prior to frying. It looked good and sounded good in theory, although I had a hard time picturing how frying mustard wouldn’t make a mess … Read More

More On [or Moron] Hunting II

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Another video frame grab from my recent trip. I was using my scope instead of using binoculars, so I had no intention of shooting here – I was just looking at it. It’s a cow moose, which one cannot shoot legally. Once again, my lovely blaze orange toque is featured. So hot right now.

More On [or Moron] Hunting

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More pictures, as promised. This is a cow and calf we caught in the open. I had told Jacques I wanted a ‘5 minute moose’ at 50-100 yards, meaning one that would sit there and let me gather my composure prior to shooting anything…for 5 minutes. Well it turns out that’s a tall order, so instead, I got a “1 … Read More

Moose Hunting 2006

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This photo tells a lot about the hunt I had. What you see, is myself in the lovely blaze orange hat, and my cousin Darwin, being photographed by my dad. Behind us are 6 moose, 4 of which you can see in the picture. The black stuff behind Darwin’s head…a moose. The two between us in the photo are obvious, … Read More