Shaggy Mane Season 2006

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It is Shaggy Mane season. Well, there’s really not a season, it depends on rain and temperature. But when the weather dips in the fall, and after a few days of good rain, they are around – popping through lawns, mostly along rural roads. This picture is evidence of my food-nerdiness. The mushrooms have simply been scraped of their ‘shag’, … Read More

Do you know that steak’s mom?

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Forgive me for having given hunting a lot of thought lately. Killing things isn’t exactly the most socially acceptable activity nowadays, and I get that. It’s macho, ‘old-boys-clubish’, senseless, and so on. And it can be. But it can also be one of the most intense connections with the food you eat. A steak of beef didn’t grow organically on … Read More

Blind Tasting, and BAD butchering

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I just had dinner guests do a blind tasting of two different species of geese to tell me which they preferred. Both were rotisseried, basted in garlic butter with fine rosemary, thyme, sage, and parsley. The final concensus: both were extremely close in flavour and nearly impossible to distinguish one for the other. And both tasted so much like roast … Read More

Wild Geese

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I gave up hunting altogether for quite a few years. Lots of reasons why, and beyond the scope of today’s blog. I gave it another shot in the last couple years, and have been really enjoying it. It’s fun to be outdoors with the guys, and culinarily it’s a tremendous opportunity for me. I just got back from goose hunting … Read More