Nittaya Thai Red Curry – meet pork loin

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More spoils from friends’ globetrotting – this time a fresh arrival from Thailand. I was gifted an assortment of Nittaya brand curry pastes, and good lord are they good. I also love their address: 9/10 Moo 4 Ladlumkeao-Banglane, Rahang, Ladlumkeao, Pathumtani 12140 Thailand. Guaranteed to get lost trying to find that.I suppose I’m no authority on red curry – but … Read More

Ode to Veal – Burgundy, Part I

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I live in a province supposedly renowned for its high-quality beef [it seems every place that raises cattle thinks theirs is the best]. Despite all the beef around, I grew up basically with zero experience with veal. Strange. Photo of the day is a meat-heavy dish I put together in Evelle, France. It’s a tiny village tucked just away from … Read More

Did it again

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A pint this time. See, last time, the half-pint I made didn’t last very long. And I didn’t even get to try it in things I wanted to prior to running out. And heck, it won’t ever go bad, so might as well make lots at a time – maybe I should have made a liter? It’s depth of flavor … Read More

Soy Sauce Tasting Notes

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A good friend, fellow foodie, and regular reader and commentor returned from Japan with this fine bottle of soy sauce to adorn my kitchen. I’m hoping he’ll weigh in to share some background, but let’s just say that if it’s good enough for an imperial family, it’s good enough for me. I figured anything of that pedigree, nevermind someone having … Read More

Salt Cod

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So bizarre. This thing is hard like a chunk of lumber. And the bones are dang sharp – sharp enough to make you bleed, apparently. It’s also bizarre to have a fillet of fish in your fridge for weeks, and it not smell of anything but a faint suggestion of fresh fish. So now I have this brick of salt … Read More

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I’m the proud owner of a new wok. I purchased it from the stinkiest Chinese grocer in town, tucked away on a back street in Chinatown. I love Chinese food shops. They carry the familiar, the bizarre, the pleasant, and the nasty. And it’s all cheap. I’d been meaning to buy skewers to do a Vietnamese satay thing. Not only … Read More