Wife, Art, and surprise: Food

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My lovely and pregnant wife is starting to show, which is pretty head-warping, but also very cool. Our friend Thaneah just left – she stopped by to drop off some copies of the CD we worked on earlier in the year. Looks like we’ll be working on another one this winter. A little shorter, a little more collaborative rather than … Read More


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In the last week or so, I’ve made pork paté de campagne, vanilla bean ice cream, wild cranberry sauce, 4 quarts of duck stock, 2 ducks worth of duck confit, cured then confit’d 11 wild ducks in domestic duck fat, made roughly 3 lbs of moose hickory smoked jerky, 3 lbs of elk hickory smoked jerky, cured a leg roast … Read More

Engagement Party Dinner

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Saturday night I put together an ultra-posh ‘French Bistro’ themed 5 course menu to celebrate M & D’s engagement. A quick review: Wine pairing for the next two courses: Crémant d’Alsace from Turkheim we brought back from our recent trip to France. It’s essentially champagne, from Alsace. We tasted at a lot of wineries before settling on this as our … Read More

Culinary Accomplishment – Ice Cream

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Since our recent visit to Paris, I’ve wanted to make my own ice cream. At my now-favorite restaurant-of-all-time, I was served a rich vanilla bean ice cream with a vanilla bean creme anglaise on a chocolate dessert that I was inspired to try at home. Thanks to a birthday gift from my lovely wife, I’m now capable of this achievement. … Read More

Do you know that steak’s mom?

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Forgive me for having given hunting a lot of thought lately. Killing things isn’t exactly the most socially acceptable activity nowadays, and I get that. It’s macho, ‘old-boys-clubish’, senseless, and so on. And it can be. But it can also be one of the most intense connections with the food you eat. A steak of beef didn’t grow organically on … Read More

Steak Sandwich

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I cook a lot. It’s a noteable occasion when I’m amazed by a particular dish. And I just was. By a steak sandwich. Okay, so it was a prime piece of Bison loin, but I don’t think it matters. Basic premise:– a good chunk of steak + a lot of kosher salt and coarse pepper– A mediocre hunk of baguette/italian/french … Read More

Eating in Restaurants

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I used to really enjoy eating out in restaurants. That’s where good food was, afterall. Then I developed a passion for cooking. Travel fueled it. So did gardening, Food TV, and exposing myself to a lot of culinary education. As time went on, I got more and more disappointed with the quality of food at restaurants. It’s to a point … Read More

Cooking, Art, and Music

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One of my favorite authors, Michael Ruhlman, takes a moment in one of his books to wittily criticize those that think that cooking is an art. He believes that it is a craft, not an art. Trivial? Not in my little world, I guess. This got me thinking. Art defined: the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, … Read More