Backyard Apple Crush 2011

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Today was one of my favorite days of the year. This is my third vintage of apple products from my backyard tree, and today was go-day. I left the apples on about 2 weeks longer than normal, religiously collecting windfalls every day, hoping for a more aromatic and sweet apple. Mission accomplished. The pruning over the years has meant fewer … Read More

The Fall Garden Cometh

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As I’ve watched and listened to fellow local gardening folks, I’ve been a bit surprised at how early in the season folks are packing it in. It’s made me consider my own rhythm, and I realized a few things. Mid-September usually is the end of the summer crops – the tomatoes, squash, beans, and anything else that’s sensitive to frost. … Read More

Farm to Table w/ RGE RD & Nature’s Green Acres

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Farm-to-table dining, while commonplace elsewhere, is still an extremely progressive concept in our restaurant scene. When one of the most well-respected chefs in the city, Blair Lebsack, mentioned he was going to tackle serving a multi-course dinner to 30-40 guests out in the cow pasture at Nature’s Green Acres, I wanted to be there. I find in the food service … Read More

Me + NAIT = ? [Part 1 of?]

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So what’s the deal with me and NAIT’s culinary arts program? Some faculty members seriously committed to bringing in far more local food to the program approached me to facilitate. I am not being paid by them. I’m doing what I can because I think it’s the right thing to do. That’s it. But that’s about where the simplicity of … Read More

NAIT Shifting Focus to Local Food

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Nope, not from my garden. Not wild. Not from my cellar, and not even from a local farm. But indirectly, entirely about the change in tide towards local food. How, you ask? I was invited to this meal as a guest – and there’s no question it was expertly prepared by NAIT Culinary Arts students, under guidance of super-celeb-chef Susur … Read More