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Yeah. I’ve been a little ‘absent’. It happens. I’ve been writing music instead of blog posts, and am leaving tomorrow for the big hunt of the year: calf moose. So more absence. I hope to post about heart, tongue, and general cutting preferences. We’ll see if I get there…

South Okanagan 2009: MERLOT

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MERLOT Merlot is high on my list of favorite varietals – I’m a big fan of right-bank Bordeaux. Because it’s the most broadly planted red grape here, I figured my palate would be a shoe-in to be praising the merlots. Not so much. Barring a few exceptions, I found them very thin, very heavy-handedly oaked, and lacking complexity. And at … Read More

Dinner Party Menu

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A breakdown of the menu for some new friends that came by for dinner last night. Excluding the first course – a salad from the garden…forgot the photo. The first three courses were paired with an alsatian riesling, the following 3 with a right-bank bordeaux. Overall, a lovely night: berkshire tenderloin on white bean purée, crispy sage pickled whitefish, dill … Read More

Edmonton Foodie Meetup 2

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Being the awesomely awesome blogger that I am, I met up with a bunch of local foodies and bloggers last night, and didn’t take any pictures. My excuse is that I suck. And that I was too busy eating. Luckily, others in attendance did not suck. Some even took photos. I would like to thank these people for restoring my … Read More

Cream of Lamb’s Quarter Soup

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Another cream-of-veg-soup, I know. This time, however, featuring an edible native plant that is generally considered a weed to be destroyed – lamb’s quarter. It’s been growing everywhere in my new gardening beds, regardless of the drought. I’ve been using young leaves, and will use some of the stems shortly, along with some more mature leaves as the plants, um, … Read More

Crab & German Riesling – not so much?

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Beautiful evening al fresco. 8lbs of crab, and 2 bottles of German riesling – one being a memorably heady and superbly structured 1976 Auslese. Add a sprinkling of bulgar salad, wood-fire grilled veg and honey-garlic apple-smoked pork chops + some interesting beers with good friends. I wish I could say it was blockbuster, as it reads well on paper, but … Read More

Cream of Green Soup

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I’ve been flogging variations of this dish for a few months now – but today was the best it’s been. A recipe would be a bit ridiculous, really. Today it was asparagus, broccoli, and celery with a base of shallot and garlic. I normally dig the bright flavor from a shot of frozen peas. In a few weeks it will … Read More

Nittaya Thai Red Curry – meet pork loin

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More spoils from friends’ globetrotting – this time a fresh arrival from Thailand. I was gifted an assortment of Nittaya brand curry pastes, and good lord are they good. I also love their address: 9/10 Moo 4 Ladlumkeao-Banglane, Rahang, Ladlumkeao, Pathumtani 12140 Thailand. Guaranteed to get lost trying to find that.I suppose I’m no authority on red curry – but … Read More