Meatball Intel

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I received the following email this week from good friend and blog-commetor Yen, who was riffing on a meatball recipe I posted, doing some serious R&D towards the optimal meatball. Such a noble effort. If you like meatballs, which you know I do, you will find this interesting. [and yes, I scolded him for the lack of photo to make … Read More

I, Kevin Kossowan, am an egg snob

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Well at least I’m not in denial. These are the first eggs I’ve had in while from the farm I’ve talked about before. 4 glorious dozen. To honor them appropriately, I have visions of vanilla ice cream, creme brulée, and egg salad sandwiches. And of course, fried egg over easy with toast and home-made bacon. Come on. That’s real food. … Read More

And that’s why I hate pot-luck

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Before you get all defensive, let me just say this: I love sharing food with people. It’s what I do. And the concept of pot-luck is pure genius. Everyone brings something that they’re into or good at, it all gets plopped on a table, and you all tuck in. But it never plays out that way. Here’s what really happens: … Read More

Late Dinner with some Mezzomondo

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If I ever have the opportunity, I’ll have to thank Gordon Ramsay. And not for his ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ series, or his moelleux recipe. Or for his encouragement to have some ‘bollocks’ once in a while. What I’d like to thank him for is mentioning in one of his books that he has dinner late with his wife when his kids … Read More

Fussy Eaters

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I don’t get it. Do people not have to eat what they’re served anymore? I thought we learned this simple etiquette when we were toddlers. I get not being into certain foods. I don’t particularly like water chestnuts. But you don’t find me making a face, and creating a scene about it when faced with a feared water chestnut. Water … Read More

Family Food Traditions

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Let me illustrate my stupidity. I’ve studied and eaten the regional traditional foods of most regions of France, Tuscany, Liguria, Bohemia, Catalonia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Flanders, Wallonia, England, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. I’ve spent lots of time and money doing so. Not that I regret it – but here’s where my stupidity comes in. Amdist my ambitions to … Read More

Organic Planet

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I just returned from Planet Organic. It was a failed outing to source some 37% unpasteurized cream from a local dairy, in order to make cultured butter [thanks Melissa, for the inspiration]. They were out. How disappointing. Another day, I guess. It was under the roof of Planet Organic that I coined the term ‘dumbass tax’. Tax, that only those … Read More

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I just read a local fine dining place’s menu. They are proud of their local ingredients, and list them in their menu. Great. Props. Yet far more than half their mains include meats that by necessity spend a heck of a lot of time on a truck to get here: alligator, halibut, blue crabs, prawns, calamari. Come on. If you’re … Read More

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Food tip of the day:Don’t forget you have frozen meats in a box in your trunk in the summer.The good news is I don’t think I lost anything. The calf moose packs were still pretty hard, the 10 lb chicken had only half defrosted, as did the two whole walleye. So looks like we’re eating walleye and chicken for the … Read More