Braised Beef and Red Wine

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The other night, I made a braised beef brisket for the main to accompany our wine tasting. I was a huge fan – and loved the pair with the wine. It’s not often I would say a particular wine and a particular food = synergy, but I do believe this classic pairing of beefy flavour and beefy red wine are … Read More

Almost Friday

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I’m quite excited about tomorrow. First. It’s Friday. Reason enough to be excited. Our weekly morning trip to the ICS bakery is always enjoyable. Add to that: Friday wine night. But not just any wine night this week – it’s my first 4 Wines and a Plate event. I’m really hoping this format works out. One thing I do know … Read More

La miglior cucina comincia dal mercato

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“La miglior cucina comincia dal mercato”–the best cuisine starts from the market. Rick Steves on Italian cuisine in his 100-day blog. I couldn’t agree more. This reinforces my position that to eat well at home, you don’t necessarily need to know how to be a great cook. But you do need to know food, and how to shop. Someone who … Read More

Why I don’t go out for breakfast

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This is why I don’t go out for breakfast. Bacon I cured and smoked myself, bread I baked, marmalade my mom made, and an egg cooked how I like it from Sunworks farms. Food cost: about $0.50. Time from conception to eating: about 5 minutes. And if you don’t believe there’s a difference between a good quality egg and a … Read More

Whole grain foods

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I’ve been on a whole grain food kick lately. Overall, I’d been feeling a little unhealthy all around – a general unwellness vibe that’s not pleasant when you’re used to feeling ‘well’. It’s winter-syndrome, really. Sleep more, move less, eat worse [no garden…] = bad news. Played some hockey, did some walking, and tweaked the diet and man do I … Read More

Don’t Make This Mistake

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I made an error today in the kitchen. A very simple but serious error. I removed an elk eye of round from the fridge, rolled it in crushed aniseed and szechuan peppercorn, then rubbed on Pam’s grandma’s mustard prior to browning it in a hot pan. My previous mustard crust was one of my best culinary accomplishments of the recent … Read More

Hit it with a car = regional.

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Today I read an add in the paper from Normand’s – a respectable local restaurant – advertising: “Fine Regional Cuisine, Featuring Wild Regional Game: ELK, CARIBOU, and MUSKOX…”. Now for those of you who do not spend much time outdoors, you will not find, no matter how hard you search, a wild caribou or muscox within many, many, many hours … Read More

Crips, Bloods, and Guilt

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I’m reading yet another book by Anthony Bourdain [my 5th]. In it, he discusses a Canadian author who categorizes chefs into two camps: Crips and Bloods. Crips being the fusion-loving multicultural innovators, and Bloods being the terroir driven, regional-and-in-season-only kind of folks. I like to at least think of my self as a ‘Blood’. I spend a lot of time … Read More